We are in unprecedented times, facing the COVID-19 crisis that has brought health, social, and economic hardship to individuals, families, and businesses.  We are going to need to pull together as a community, as a state, and as a country to continue fighting the virus and get us out of our homes and back to work safely.  We'll need to focus on the fundamentals, be bold, and apply a new lens to our shared challenges.

I am focused.  I am dedicated. I am running to help the people in our district weather this difficult time and thrive in the coming years. 



The elderly and those with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable to COVID-19.  I will work to assure that these folks have the food, housing, and transportation they need so that they can continue to shelter in place.  

Our healthcare worker heroes are on the front line every day.  One of my top jobs will be making sure that they have the personal protective equipment, testing, and treatment they need to keep doing their jobs.


As social restrictions gradually ease, we will need to work hard to retain and rebuild our local businesses and jobs.  Small enterprises are the backbone of Maine’s economy. I will work hard in Augusta to make sure that small business owners and workers get access to the resources they need to get through the current situation, and to be ready for the next challenge we face.


I will use my experience in business, nonprofits, and economic development to build more connections between local business and local customers, strengthening our regional economy.


And I will work to identify new opportunities to make our economy more resilient, environmentally sustainable, and more inclusive.  The better we can get at adapting to new realities, the stronger our foundation will become.


The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated all too clearly how interconnected we all are, and how we all depend on each other to stay healthy.  Everyone must have access to affordable health care to protect themselves and others. 


I will work to make sure that everyone has access to affordable health care and the services and treatment they need to protect themselves, including proactive, no-cost testing and treatment for COVID-19. I will also work to fund the public health resources we need on the local and state levels to get COVID-19 under control.


A healthy society and strong economy depend on both the wisdom of the old and the energy of the young. Our elders and our young people face the challenge of being able to live affordably in our area. 

I will focus on creating housing options and services that allow seniors to age in place or find suitable living arrangements in town. I also want to keep young people and families living and working in our area, and attract others to come so they can contribute to the vitality of our economy and community.


Quality public education helps keep our society strong, together, and moving forward.  It’s our shared investment in the future.  

I am a long-time advocate and volunteer for our public schools, and as a state representative in these challenging times, I will work to prioritize funding for classroom instruction, assure access to learning for all students and families, even when sheltering at home, and provide solid pathways to life and career for all of our young people.

Authorized by the Gere for House Campaign.