I'm Traci Gere, a small business owner and community advocate running to bring dynamic and responsive leadership to our district.  


I share my household with my husband, our two sons, and my father-in-law, and my parents live only a few miles away.  Living in a multi-generational family helps me understand issues facing our youth, our seniors, and those in their middle years - we all have something to learn from each other.

I am running because I love our district and the people who live and work here.  I’m inspired every day by the caring and kindness that people show each other, especially in these difficult times, and by our shared creative and entrepreneurial spirit.  

I am running because of the relationships I’ve built here, and being our state rep is a way that I can serve our community, and work to make it better.  I’ll be a representative who listens and responds to you.  I will take the time to understand your concerns, to hear about what’s important to you, and to find ways to move our district forward together. 

I am running to put my skills and experience to use.  As a business owner and someone who has worked for decades in the private sector, I understand the importance of continuing to  build our sustainable and vibrant coastal economy.  As a researcher, I know how to ask questions that get people thinking and generating ideas.  And I am able to work with others to solve problems. 

I believe in using what my Mum calls “good common horse sense” to tackle tough challenges.  Simple solutions are often the best, and removing obstacles is sometimes all that’s needed.  We all benefit when we use our smart thinking combined with data, science, and technology to develop real world solutions to our problems.


I believe in the worth of everyone in our community, and in the value that everyone can contribute in their own unique way.  Whether your family has been here for generations or moved here for good, like mine, we all share a love for this place that unifies us. Our seniors and our younger citizens just starting out each contribute knowledge and experience we need to tap. Diversity in all its forms should be encouraged and supported so we can learn and grow together.


I believe in creating connections and synergy, including between a strong private and non-profit sector with government playing the important role of filling gaps, providing fair regulation, and trying new ideas, enabling us to harness the creativity and energy of our community.

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