Penny Gruen

Traci exhibits a true leader’s ability to listen to others, gather information and make informed, creative decisions. We need this level of problem solving and competence to face uncertain times ahead. 

In addition to her owning a business in our district, Traci has shown her dedication to our local community through active involvement in RSU 21 and her participation in local and state politics.  She will be a responsive leader who brings a broad understanding and deep affection for our district and its people to Augusta.

Tom McClain

We need elected representatives in Augusta who understand the diversity of our community and have the ability to grasp the complex issues facing our state. Traci’s broad educational and business background along with her deep ties to our community make her a natural choice.


In my own interactions with Traci I have seen her be decisive, clear and able to deal with complex problems.

Loreta McDonnell

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Traci over the past six years on education advocacy at the local level.  She cares deeply about our community and our families.  Her positive outlook and quick analytical mind enable her to distill challenges down to their core, and to problem solve and collaborate with everyone at the table.

Susan Richards

I am supporting Traci Gere’s candidacy because Traci embodies the best of our core Democratic values; government that works for the people, not the party; an economy that works for everyone, not just the few; accessible health care and strong schools. 

Connie Dykstra

Traci has impressed me with her energy, experience, and empathy – exactly what we need now to take on the tough challenges ahead.

Authorized by the Gere for House Campaign.